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    To make it easy for you, everything is individually priced and we have included some guidelines to help you.
    Don’t forget that all necessary staff, crockery and cutlery are included, even salt and pepper, and serviettes.

    APPETISERS: We suggest a hot appetiser as well as a cold oneper person tickhere
    Cheese, cabanossi and cracker platters$ 4.25
    Pate, savoury dip with raw carrot, celery and cauliflower with a selection of nuts$ 4.25
    Antipasto platters including antipasto vegetables, cheeses, meats, olives and more$ 5.75
    Our special barbequed garlic prawns in sauce$ 8.95
    Barbequed chilli calamari$ 5.40
    Barbequed marinated baby octopus$ 5.40
    Chicken wings in honey and sesame$ 4.95
    Marinated beef kebabs$ 5.40
    Barbequed marinated mushrooms – delicious!$ 3.55
    Chicken kebabs, barbequed$ 4.95
    MAIN COURSE Meats cooked freshly and served by our Chef BARBEQUE
    Yearling steak, sausages and onions$14.95
    Yearling steak, lamb chops and onions$15.45
    Yearling steak, lamb chops, sausages and onions$15.45
    OPTIONAL – add mixed barbequed vegetables… mix of sliced mushrooms, zucchini, capsicum$2.25
    Gourmet barbeque – scotch fillet steaks, gourmet sausages, marinated mushrooms, onions$25.45
    Gourmet chicken barbeque – chicken breast, yearling steak, gourmet sausages, marinated mushrooms, onions$22.45
    Gourmet seafood barbeque – fish fillets, marinated baby octopus, chilli calamari, marinated mushrooms, onions$29.50
    Succulent lamb with mint sauce$ 17.95
    Tender beef with wholegrain mustard$ 16.95
    Crackled pork with apple sauce$ 17.45
    Plump turkey with cranberry sauce$ 17.45
    Cold meat platter including ham, corned beef, pork, chicken, salami and more$ 14.95
    We recommend at least two vegetables
    Corn cobbettes – buttered and hot$ 2.25
    Jacket potatoes – with sour cream$ 2.25
    Our very “famous stuffed pumpkin”- that even the non-vegetarians love$ 2.75
    Cauliflower au gratin – golden brown$ 2.95
    We recommend at least four salads from the list included, see selection on page 7
    Creations range$ 1.75 ea
    Gourmet range$ 2.75 ea
    Garlic bread sliced and dripping with butter$ 2.20
    Herb bread – hot and crusty$ 2.20
    Fresh bread rolls with sesame seeds and creamy butter$ 1.95
    Aussie damper and creamy butter$ 1.95
    SWEETS Having trouble deciding? Why not choose two or more
    Fresh fruit salad or cheesecake or apple danish – all served with cream$ 3.95
    Barbequed bananas, chocolate and marshmallows – a delicious treat$ 4.45
    Chocolate cake and cream$ 4.45
    Cheese and fruit platters$ 5.40
    Grand Marnier profiteroles – topped with chocolate sauce and cream$ 5.75
    Pavlova – the Australian dessert$ 6.15
    Finger food dessert platters – including slices, biscuits and mini muffins$ 4.45
    Fresh fruit platter$ 4.95
    Coffee & tea with after dinner mints$ 2.45



    We have two salad ranges to choose from – our creations range and our gourmet range.
    Four varieties of salad are included in your package. This can include up to TWO gourmet salads.
    Each additional gourmet selection is just an additional $1 per person
    When making your selection, we recommend that you consider the colour and texture of your choices.
    By choosing a variety of colours and textures in your salad dishes, your choices will combine to give a
    pleasing visual effect on your smorgasbord table, not to mention your guest’s tastebuds!
    If roast potatoes with sour cream are included in your menu, we recommend not choosing a potato salad as one of your choices.

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